Hello and welcome to my blog Cultural Treasures!

My name is Paula and I am a 22-year-old student of the Master’s degree in Specialized Communication (cultural branch) at the University of Barcelona. But, culture was already important during my previous studies, since I successfully completed the Bachelor’s degree in European Studies: Languages, Culture, Literature. So I thought, as I am interested both in culture, and communication, that I should combine it – so I started this Master.

However, I am now of the opinion that only theory is not sufficient. I learn everything about culture and communication… without really communicating culture outside university. But that is the most important thing – to share information with the whole world! Because theory without praxis is useless.

That is how this blog was born. Here, you can learn about all the treasures that culture is offering to us. And these cultural treasures are divided into fashion, feminism and gender, literature, art, music, cinema and photography. So, let’s enjoy culture!

I hope you enjoy my blog!