The Eurovision Song Contest

Since I am a huge fan of the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) and it’s an annual must-see tradition, I wanted to share with you some interesting facts.

The history of the Eurovision Song Contest began in 1956 when seven nations presented their song with a live orchestra. The songs were all in their national language. Rapidly, the Song Contest spread and became a European tradition.

Since its beginning, 1500 songs have been sung in the Eurovision Song Contest. And who’s the most successful? Ireland, with seven victories. Sweden comes next with six victories, Luxembourg, France and the United Kingdom take third place with five victories. Norway has been eleven times the last one, but won three times, last one in 2009.

Counting tomorrow, how many times did the Contest take place? 62 times. And how many winners? Well, you maybe would say now 62 since their were 62 contests, too. Buuuuut… in 1969, four countries – United Kingdom, Spain, the Netherlands and France – reached first place with equal points. Unfortunately, or luckily for this four countries, there were no rules to solve this problem. Solution? All four won. Afterwards, rules were set in order to avoid this spectacle.

Talking about winners, who is the most successful one? ABBA. They won in 1974 and became famous. Only two people decided to defend their winning title at “home”. One of them was Lena in 2011, who won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2010. In 2015, the Guinness Book of World Records honoured the Eurovision Song Contest as the Longest Running Annual TV Music Competition.

The Big Five (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom) and the host country are automatically qualified for the Eurovision Song Contest. The others have to go through Semi-Finals.

This year, each participating country, to be precise 42 countries, sent their musical act composed of maximum six people to sing their song, which can’t take longer than three minutes and must have been released after 1 September 2016, in Kyiv, Ukraine. After the Semi-Finales, which took place 9 and 11 May, the Grand Final is composed of 26 participants. Tomorrow, 13 May, we will know this year’s winner! What a suspense!

Don’t miss this European tradition and musical spectacle!



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