Cinema à la Grease?

What about cinema? Too boring? Ok, and what about drive-in cinema? That sounds better, right?

Drive-in cinemas are not only a funny alternative, but a real cultural and cinematic treasure! Don’t go just to a cinema – enjoy your favourite film in your car!

This was also the dream and motivation for four young entrepreneurs in Madrid, creating Autocine Madrid RACE – much more than only an open-air cinema.

Autocine Madrid RACE, situated in the district of Chamartín-Fuencarral, shines with its 25.000 square metres and 350 parking places. And guess what, it’s the biggest drive-in cinema in Europe!

It really feels like being Danny and Sandy in Grease!


Autocine Madrid RACE is equipped with a modern digital projector and a 250 square metres big screen. To hear the film’s sound you have only to synchronize your car’s radio frequency with the cinema’s frequency.

Plus, Autocine Madrid RACE is open all over the year!

What are the films like? From new films to the best classics – everything you like! But there’s nothing like watching a good classic like Grease… Or you enjoy some great concerts and great bands projected on this huge screen!

And like in every cinema, you won’t suffer from hunger. Enjoy your meal in the Food Truck or in your car – as you like it.

Sounds like a good idea to go to Madrid, doesn’t it? Or check out all the drive-in cinemas near to you.

Photo Credit: Autocine Madrid RACE


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