Shatter the Silence!

Child abuse happens too often, regrettably, and destroys a child’s life. Don’t look away! Stop looking away and become aware of this fatal problem. But usually, society ignores this fact. And what about the parents? Maybe you think that such a thing would never happen to you or to your child. But if it happens? We can’t wait until it happens, we have to prevent that it happens! It has to start when our children are little kids, to sensibilise them. Talking about child abuse is usually uncomfortable and complicated, especially in an ignorant society. Would you talk about it while eating with your family? It is sadly an unusual subject, but this is the reason why many cases remain undiscovered. We have to talk about it in our daily lives. But how?

The book, a pedagogic narration, Clara y su sombra shows the bitter reality of many children suffering from child abuse and brings up this difficult, but important, subject. It addresses especially young children, even the youngest, to show them there are situations that are neither normal, nor sane, nor respectful and therefore have to be named in order to talk about it. Don’t be afraid of talking about clara-y-su-sombrait!

This books wants to prevent child abuse, but also to serve as a possible early detection. A pedagogic manual helps parents to make this subject more accessible and comprehensible for their children. By talking about what happens to Clara, children realize what’s child abuse and even if it is happens to them. Especially children aged up to 7 years need pictures in order to be able to talk about a specific topic and concepts. Clara shows a multitud of facial and corporal expressions, combined with comments, reflections and decisions. Children can identify themselves with Clara and understand how she is feeling. Clara is a normal and typical child you see in school, in restaurants, in playgrounds, in the bus, … a normal and typical child with a family, friends, dreams, wishes, … Suddenly, there is a huge shadow darkening her life. Clara can be you, she can me, she can be your friend, she can be everybody. Everybody could be a victim. Nobody should look away.

An early education and sensibilisation is important. Don’t ignore this topic, don’t hide – TALK! We have to name child abuse and talk about it.

Let’s stand together against child abuse! Shatter the silence!



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