A World Full Of Mannequins

Do you remember the Harlem Shake meme? Yes? Well, it’s all water under the bridge now. But there is something new and I am sure you have already seen it: the Mannequin Challenge. It is the new viral Internet video trend. And it is easy. You only have to remain frozen like a mannequin, during whatever and preferential in a funny pose, while being filmed by a moving camera. It is usual to have the song Black Beatles by Rae Sremmurd and Gucci Mane in the background. Last step: #MannequinChallenge! Spread your video on Twitter or Instagram by using this famous hashtag.

This movement has become that popular, that even celebrities and politicians became mannequins, such as Hillary Clinton during the elections. But you have probably seen Beyoncé, James Corden or several teams of the NBA and NFL petrified. Obviously, Rae Sremmurd and Gucci Mane used this movement during a concert, too.

But how did this movement start? Supposedly in a high school in Florida where a girl, with her classmates, published such a video on Twitter. This day, the 27th October, changed not only her life, but also ours. In fact, of the entire world, as this movement spread worldwide. The media such as CNN or Ellen DeGeneres turned their attention to this young girl having infected us all with this mannequin-virus.

Let’s take a look at Instagram. The hashtag #mannequinchallenge has 1 794 846 results! And I am sure with upward trend.

So, maybe, you are now wondering why this challenge is so important and what it has to do with culture. Couldn’t it be seen as art? Like a painting? A digital painting? There are many reflections, ideas, work, inspirations, patience and creativity behind it. And instead of painting with a brush, you paint with your camera. And why culture? Well, the Mannequin Challenge is a social practice, expressed over the world. It is something done by humans which brings us together. It can be seen as worldwide culture.

But wait, there was this Ice Bucket Challenge, too, right? Especially, characteristic of its social constituent. A huge amount of donation could be collected to fight against Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and help investigations. What about the Mannequin Challenge? Unfortunately, this movement has no social action. This would be something to give consideration to! There’s still hope.

While this cold Ice Bucket Challenge was a real pain, this Mannequin Challenge seems harmless and funny. So, maybe we will see your Mannequin video the next time? And remember, just freeeeeeze!

What do you think about the Mannequin Challenge? Please in a comment 🙂


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