Don’t ever hear in your own head, “Who am I to say something?” You are human. You are a person. You can 100% change the world.

– Emma Watson (HeForShe speech)

In 2014, UN Women initiated a solidarity campaign for gender equality called HeForShe. As the name makes clear, it is not about women speaking up for women, but involving 81phpg4i_400x400men and boys as “motors” of change and encouraging them to stand up for the resolution of inequalities women and girls have to face and the creation of gender equality. This movement was originally seen as sphere of female activists, feminists and women. But HeForShe wants to make clear that gender equality is an worldwide issue that affects all people – male and female – and in every area of live – socially, economically and politically. The involvement of men and boys is the key to solution. Let’s stand up all together for women rights and gender equality.

On the HeForShe website, you can check the #HeForShe commitments and equality issues per country and the count of gender equality actions.

The campaign covers the topics education, politics, violence, work, health and identity.

More important people: Ryan Lennie, Simon Pegg, Kiefer Sutherland, Wolf Blitzer, Emma Watson.

In 2014, Emma Watson was nominated UN Women Goodwill Ambassador and launched with UN Women the campaign HeForShe. Since then, she is representing HeForShe in public and in the medias and participates in events for solidarity and equality. In her speech in 2014, in front of the United Nations, Emma Watson asked for more equality and a change of thinking.


IMPACT 10x10x10 Initiative: Introduced by Emma Watson at a UN Women conference in 2015, this campaign wants to abolish worldwide gender inequality and differences between women and men in enterprises and governments. Founding members are Stefan Löfven, Mark Rutte, Ernest Bai Koroma, Paul Polman, Dennis Nally and Rick Goings.


Are you #HeForShe? Make the Commitment! Let’s stand together!


We need to be supporting each other 100%. I hope the LGBT community does feel included and that this is their movement, it definitely is.
– Emma Watson (HeForShe speech)



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